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  • West Coast Tours would like to thank everyone for the following feedback as to past tours. Your feedback is encouraged and extremely rewarding for all of our hardworking staff.

    Please read below to get an insight into some of the highlights that people have experienced with West Coast Tours.

  • To potential travelers and to others whom it may concern:

    This note is a recommendation for the service of Oscar
    Campos and the West Coast Tours Travel Organization. For
    the last sixteen years, I have had the privilege of traveling with
    Oscar on trips throughout the western United States and
    Canada. In my capacity as travel chairman for our senior’s
    Club, I’ve arranged some fifty-seven trips since May 1999.

    I’d be happy to respond to your personal inquiries about
    Oscar and his services anytime. Again, I recommend him highly.”


    Charles A. Dedeurwaerder
    Travel Chairman - El Segundo Senior’s Club
    425 Lomita St, El Segundo, CA 90245
    Phone: 310. 640.0891 fax 310.322.3693
  • This message is to thank Oscar, the Owner of West Coast Tours, for the trip to Sea World in San Diego, CA. When we visited Sea World none of my employees needed to drive. Your company did it all for us. I would really recommend your company to anyone who would want to use your services.

    Mr. Kevin Valenzuela
    Human Resources Manager
    Carson, CA
  • Oscar: the quality and service at the hotels were excellent. Your tour is the best in the west. My employees and I felt confident while traveling because your bus driver was an excellent driver.

    Thank you and I will see you in our next company trip.

    Mr. and Mrs. Philip Villa
    Company Owners
    Vernon, CA
  • These words are to express our appreciation to Oscar Campos, the owner of West Coast Tours from Los Angeles, CA, for the fantastic trip to Canada. The most impressive moment for my group was when they ride banff gondolas up to [7,194 feet] above the sea level. Also Lake Louise, The Ferry Ride, & Budchard Gardens in Victoria. Your bus was excellent, and your driver… the best. This is the third trip with your company, and many more to come.

    Mr. Dennis Lowe
    Production Manager
    Gardena, CA
  • What a wonderful and unforgettable vacation to Bryce Canyon! We’re looking forward to do Yosemite National Park next time.
    Thanks to West Coast Tours and the owner.

    Mr. Rob Bowers
    Company Owner
    San Fernando, CA
  • Our first trip with West Coast Tours. We have traveled extensively with other companies. Your trip to Reno was as advertised.

    Mr. Terry Billigton
    Company Production Manager
    Santa Fe Springs, CA
  • We saw everything and more than the brochure had described. Your tour is the best in the west. The price was fantastic.Thanks to West Coast Tours and the owner. See you later this year for our next trip.

    Mr. Randy & Fred
    Company Supervisors
    El Segundo, CA
  • This tour exceeded every expectation in every way. Mount Rushmore was one of the best places we had ever been at such a bargain price. I recommend West Coast Tours to any group with no exception.

    Mr. Gordon Murillo
    Company Vice President
    Pomona, CA
  • Our experience with West Coast Tours tells us to use them again, and we would recomend West Coast Tours to any company.

    Mrs. Theresa Koweana
    Production Manager
    Anaheim, CA
  • I will like to make this thanks for the outstanding trip to Colorado. West Coast Tours and The President have been terrific. Our employees are ready for The Grand Canyon Trip. We do company trips every 6 months with West Coast. This is the only company we will travel with. Thank you.

    Mr. Mike Ramirez
    Company Superintendent
    Riverside, CA
  • Oscar: many of our employees have lived in Los Angeles, CA for up to 25 years. Many of them had never visited other places. On our trip to Napa, CA they were impressed, and are still talking about the trip; thanks to West Coast Tours. We highly recommend your services to any company, and are looking forward to our next trip in six months. Thank you.

    Mr. Rick Black
    Company Vice President
    Riverside, CA
  • Oscar: thank you for the Disneyland Tour. This was the third trip with your company and many more will come. On this company trip, nobody had to drive. You make it easy for my employees. Thank you and see you on our next tour.

    Mrs. Yenny Cody
    Human Resources Manager
    Rancho Dominguez, CA
  • Thank you for a wonderful positive experience. I will have no hesitation recommending West Coast Tours to other companies.

    Mr. Robert Bridgeport
    Company Owner
    Los Angeles, CA
  • This was a very nice trip to Yellowstone. I would use West Coast Tours for my employees again. Thank you Oscar.

    Mr. John Marrieta
    Company Representative
    El Segundo, CA
  • We are really impressed with the trip to Victoria, Canada with West Coast Tours. We would go again. Thank you Oscar

    Mrs. Byron White
    Company, Sales Department
    Irvine, CA
  • It was my first experience hiring West Coast Tours to southwest highlights. It was an excellent trip. We will definitely travel with West Coast Tours again.

    Thanks to the company owner.

    Mr. George Barrington
    Company, Human Resources Manager
    Santa Monica, CA
  • Oscar: after traveling with your company five times there is not much to say. My employees are very happy to find a responsible company.
    We are doing it again this coming summer.
    Thank you.

    Mr. Frank Delgadillo
    Company Owner
  • My employees and I really enjoyed the trip to San Antonio, TX, White Sands, NM, the Carlsbad Cavern, and many other places you included on our trip. Once more, thank you to West Coast Tours for that trip. Stay in touch

    Mr. Fernando Saborio
    Production Manager
    San Bernardino, CA

  • We hope these notes have given you some idea of the quality of the tours that we offer, and attention to detail that we put into everything we do.